3 Kinds of Internet Marketing Mistakes and Myths To Avoid

September 25, 2010 by In The News  
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Many thousands, if not millions, of people have discovered how to earn a living with internet marketing; yet the net abounds with so many untruths it’s not funny, so we’ll be discussing some of them right now.

The first internet marketing myth is that you can get a high search engine ranking, make sales and be very prosperous. Even though this has some validity to it, it does not happen all of the time. What really matters here is if you’re getting a high ranking, what keyword are you actually targeting? For instance, if your target market is gardening, your keywords must have to be directed towards those visitors that want to buy gardening items and not looking for free information about gardening items. The right keyword to target in this case would be “learn gardening tips”, while getting a ranking for “gardening tools” will get you the traffic but not many sales. So always remember that SEO work should result in your website getting a lot of traffic from people that want to purchase your products.

The second internet marketing misconception is that you can get really rich overnight. That has never been true. If anyone tells you that you can use internet marketing to get rich immediately, then they are lying and probably trying to pull a fast one. This isn’t a gamble where you pay your money and hope to win. You must make an effort and use a strategy to become successful.

Your business will build up slowly as your sales gradually increase. Probably in the near future you will be able to make loads of cash overnight, but this usually does not happen until you have a successful business with an email list and paid advertisement. Until this magic day finally happens, you should just forget about trying to find a secret formula for striking it rich in internet marketing, because you will have to be the one that finds your own formula for success. The sooner that you get this through your head, the sooner you can concentrate on your online business.

The third internet marketing myth is that once you are ranked highly by the search engines, you don’t have to do much more work for traffic. Unfortunately, you will have to work harder at keeping your high ranking once you finally get it. For example, if you get the top spot for your keyword, you will discover that other sites will enter the market by trying to get your top spot. So you are going to have keep your content up to date and get more back links to your site in order to stay number one for your keyword.

There are many more internet marketing myths and fables out there, so stay alert and always question everything you hear.

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