9 Steps To Calmer ADHD Children

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Follow These Simple Steps For Controlling & Surviving ADHD at Home.

Being a parent of a ADHD child can sometimes be very stressful, overwhelming and frustrating at times.  ADHD children tend to have a shorter attention span than other kids and they often become angrier easily, especially if they don’t get their own way.

Here You Will Find Nine Tips On How To Cope With Your ADHD Child.

1. Start by setting some really specific rules.  If you change these rules all the time it may become confusing to the ADHD child.  The rules need to be followed by both parents.

2. Start with a simple routine.  Children who follow an easy to understand routine, know exactly what they are meant to be doing.  This lets them know when they can watch televison or go outside and play.  Because they have such a short attention span, a routine give them confidence and reasurrance on what they should be doing.

3. Give weekly or daily chores.  By incorporating a chart to keep track of their progress, this will give your children the option to compete for rewards or gold stars.  This is a wonderful way to entice them and increase their self esteem, particularly when they are rewarded for a completed task.   Be sure to explain exactly how to complete each task and you can even demonstrate it to them yourself.  .

4. Make sure you choose your confrontations carefully.  Before you contemplate having a fight with your child, make sure it’s worth the confrontation.  You will find times when it doesn’t warrant an open discussion and you should just let it go.  Write out what you want to say before so that you are not distracted and pulled into a heated argument where you have forgotten what it was that you first wanted to discuss.

5. Teach them time management skills.  This lesson is one that will benefit them for many years to come.  By them understanding the power of time management and prioritization as they get older, they will find it will benefit them greatly when the either enter high school or the work force.  Include a planner or electronic organiser to help get them started.

6. Break their task into small pieces.  Most ADHD children find it difficult to stay focused for long periods and if each task is made smaller, more manageable, they are able to cope that much better.  This will also reduce frustration for both yourself and your child.

7. Be patient.  You will already be aware of the amount of patience needed inorder to raise a child with ADHD. To help maintain your own sense of patience, try giving them tasks that allow them a certain amount of time.  Don’t give them tasks that you want completed immediately.  Make sure you also include some time for error making, and remember to praise your child when they complete their task.

8. Talk to your Child.  Spend quality time with your ADHD child each day where you can talk to them and get to know their problems.  This will encourage your child to be more open and honest with you, and you also get a much better understanding of where they are, or how they are feeling.

9. Create a good example for your child to follow.  This one thing will determine how your child will cope when he/she becomes an adult.  You may not realise it now, but children always copy their parents behaviour.  How you deal with problems and certain events will be the foundation for how your child copes. Children are great copy cats of their parents.  So be mindful of that.

When it comes to understanding ADHD in children or even adults, then remedy ADHD is the perfect website for all your information needs.  Learn about natural remedies to overcome ADHD symptoms and also anxiety disorder in children.

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