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According to one New York orthodontist, you must first talk to the dentist before you allow your child to start playing a wind instrument. The dentist points out that a number of dental problems come as a result of playing certain kinds of instruments. He reports in one issue of the Journal of the American Dental Association that children play instruments that they want to play or are just given to them at random. You can get the best sydney periodontist information by visiting this website.

As a result, thousands of children are not dentally or temperamentally suited to their instruments he said. Would be musicians would then find themselves only able to play the instrument with a certain degree of skill without being particularly good at it. Wind instruments may directly cause dental problems, and any good dentist must inform musicians, teachers, and parents about this.

It is recommended that a dental consultation first take place before making any decision in the part of child and parents to pursue the playing of that instrument. Body tissue illnesses are caused most often by single reed instruments such as the clarinet, dentists say. One reason is that a big part of the weight of the instrument is placed upon the lower lip which teeth support. He said that continued pressure placed on the teeth decreases blood circulation in the affected bone area.

The outward pressure caused by the strong muscles of the jaw may also increase and cause some of the upper teeth to be misaligned. Playing brass instruments causes the lips to exert pressure also against the lower and upper teeth. Playing these instruments for too long at a time may lead to movement of the teeth that should not be there. Short upper lips would be a problem for those playing the flute, while irregular front teeth would cause a painful experience for those playing the oboe or bassoon. You will gain a deeper understanding about periodontal disease treatment by checking out that resource.

There is also a possibility of acquiring dental problems through the playing of string instruments. According to previous studies that were made before, persistent violin playing would place too much pressure on the jaw and cause faulty bite to develop. Before people start playing musical instruments, it is best that they first have an examination of their tongue and lips so that possible dental problems may be avoided. The advice of your dentist would ensure your oral health and also your dental suitability, making you more successful as a musician.

Starting your dental checkups very early is never a disadvantange, in fact you should so you don’t end up with problems later on. This is especially the case when it comes to playing instruments that makes use of the mouth. Seeing a dentist is never a bad thing.

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