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December 1, 2010 by In The News  
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It’s very easy to feel overwhelmed if you’re new to marketing and thinking about all it takes to be a success. ”But affiliate marketing is easy,” you say. Yet others will disagree with that. There’s an online marketer, Rob Benwell, and he thinks he can change that. He’s the developer of “Blogging to the Bank,” and now is launching “Affiliate Gameplan,” and he intends to offer some relief to affiliate marketers who are struggling to find success. The main goal for most people, after all, is to make as much money as possible for as little work as possible, right? And Rob’s new product is supposed to let you do that. Of course, that is what almost all affiliate marketing products claim to do, so we thought we’d take a closer look at this product.

Maybe you’ve seen Rob’s name mentioned before, online. Rob’s “Blogging to the Bank” is considered a high quality IM product among his peers. He has created a number of other products all of which have been just as popular. Considering that so many already hold Rob in such high esteem, it only follows that any affiliate marketer who’s struggling could trust Rob for advice and direction.

If you want to do search engine marketing, Affiliate Gameplan will get you up to speed with Off-Page SEO factors. In addition, how Google assigns PR (page rank) is covered plus you’ll be shown everything required to rank highly for your market keywords. Just in case you’re unaware of it, but there’s quite a bit more to search engine placement than including your keywords on your content. SEO can sometimes be like an art, and it’s something you can learn to use to your advantage with Affiliate Gameplan.

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Are you familiar with how to choose the markets you would like to market within? Proper market research will help you sell to anyone in almost any niche. Finding good markets is critical if you want to have any success and make money.

If you work in the right niches, make money will almost be a foregone conclusion. Benwell’s program offers lessons in niche choice, because there is more to it than simply looking at a list of topics and thinking “I bet there are lots of buyers in that one!”

Yes, there does require some work to make it online. There is a lot of work to be done if you truly want to get your business up and running. All humans believe that they can accomplish their dreams without the help of others but that is delusional. If you can find a way to work smarter instead of harder, you are welcome to do so. If you are smart then you will actively find ways to make your business more effective and efficient. You might find that the Affiliate Gameplan offers you everything you need to truly be an affiliate marketing success!

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