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For those who have had their breasts removed because of cancer, breast reconstruction options include breast augmentation surgery or using their own tissue for reconstruction. Your cosmetic plastic surgeon should spend as much time as it takes to describe every option available for you in detail until you are informed and can make your choice. There are just too many different scenarios to discuss on this important topic to list them all here. That is why it is best to schedule a consultation with your reconstructive plastic surgeon so your particular situation and preferences can be discussed in detail.

When you use your own tissue for breast reconstruction, it can be harvested from your belly, back, thighs or buttocks. Each site has its own advantages and disadvantages that you can discuss with your doctor. By far the most commonly used area is tissue from your back or your belly. When using tissue form the back, the muscle and its overlying fat and skin are carefully separated and moved to the chest to reconstruct the deformed breast. When using tissue from the belly, a tummy tuck is performed and the excess fat and skin is moved to the chest to reconstruct the breast.

There are typically two stages of reconstruction. The initial stage is the breast mound reconstruction. There are several ways in which this can be performed during this first stage. Encouraging new skin growth in the area that will be implanted is the key so that there is eventually room for a permanent implant to be placed. This can be done in combination with other types of reconstruction which involve the transfer of skin from an area of the body to the breast mound. Once the breast mound has been reconstructed, the nipple can then be reconstructed. This is done by either sculpting or tattooing. If one breast was removed during the cancer treatment, the remaining breast can be reduced to create more symmetry, or breast augmentation implants can be matched. A breast lift is also an option, and can make the breasts more symmetrical.

Because of cancer and undergoing a mastectomy, the loss of one or both breasts can be a devastating situation for a woman and her family. Yet breast reconstruction procedures have advanced, and most people will not even be aware that a person has undergone a mastectomy in the first place. Breast augmentations and tissue harvesting are just a couple ways to bring normalcy back into the life of a woman who has undergone cancer surgery.

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