All About Psychic Clairvoyants

A psychic is a person who has extra sensory perceptions, that is he/she is able to perceive certain things that are otherwise not perceptible to the common man through the common five sense organs. The word ‘clairvoyance’ on the other hand means ‘clear viewing’ which basically involves ‘seeing’ things or having visions about something that cannot be seen with normal eye sight or which is happening at a distance. Thus psychic clairvoyants are individuals who possess the psychic power to see things which other people cannot.


Thus, it can be said that psychic clairvoyants are a subset of the psychic community as a whole since there exists various other psychic abilities apart from clairvoyance. However, it is one of the most common of such abilities seen to exist in this world. Common examples of experiences faced by a psychic clairvoyant involves phenomenon like having a vision of a natural disaster occurring far away, being able to see loved ones, being able to see spirits or other things which are not visible to the naked eye. Since a psychic clairvoyant has the gift of special sight, it is linked to many other psychic abilities as well.


Taking the psychic power of precognition as an example, an individual having the power to accurately predict future events is known to have precognitive abilities, which is an ability to acquire knowledge prior to its occurrence. However, if the psychic has visions or sightings of this future event, then he can be safely termed a psychic clairvoyant.


Secondly, psychic clairvoyants can also be seen in case of channeling or mediumship where communication with spirits or the souls of dead people are involved. Such communication involves information transfer from the spirit to the psychic and if the psychic can actually ‘see’ the form of this information source, which we in common parlance call ‘spirits’ or ‘ghosts’, then the individual is a psychic clairvoyant.


Thirdly, since aura reading involves perceiving the different energy fields emanating from another person and actually seeing the second person’s aura in different colours, this requires a certain amount of clairvoyance and the person capable of aura reading can be said to be a psychic clairvoyant.


Moreover, taking the case of lucid dreaming, a certain amount of clairvoyance or clear viewing abilities is much required. A lucid dreamer can safely be said to be a psychic clairvoyant since he lets his body rest and thereafter passes into the realm of dreams completely wakeful and aware of himself, watching his own dreams and sometimes even manipulating them to watch or experience whatever his mind wishes to.


Lastly, when a psychic has the ability to project himself out of his physical body and travel to another plane of consciousness he watches his own body from a distance and observes the world from there. Thus, people who can do astral projection are also a type of psychic clairvoyant.


If you are a psychic clairvoyant and want to develop your ability further, regular meditation is something that is absolutely necessary. Meditation is the only thing that makes one more aware of his/her sub conscious mind gaining more control over it. It facilitates increased concentration, develops the ability to focus and teaches the psychic clairvoyant to visualize strongly and channelize his/her entire energy into that vision inducing the psychic ability of clairvoyance further.


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