Make Local Internet Marketing Work for You

Make Local Internet Marketing Work for You

Much has been said, debated, and implemented on how to improve local marketing for local businesses on the internet. While many marketers have different ideas on what works and what does not, local internet marketing does not take the same approach as other forms of marketing online. The web, we can say, is becoming global and at the same time, getting local. This means that more and more people want to search for local content. This is practical if you live in an area where many businesses are into ecommerce and where you can order online and have the item delivered at your door.

However, local internet marketing can work for your business if you take the right approach. Statistics have shown that two thirds of households perform online searches for local products or services on a daily basis. In other words, your clients may already be making local buying decisions right at home. So, how do you position your business to enable local Orlando searches to identify you as one of their potential service and product providers?

Just as in other searches, people search for local content either by using a keyword plus “Orlando”  or “Central Florida,” or they use the zip code plus the item they are researching on. For example, if you live in Orlando and are looking to improve your golf game, you may type a search keyword like “golf lessons Orlando.”  Thus when considering how to market yourself or your local Orlando business to Central Florida residents or Orlando tourists, consider using keywords in that perspective. Whether your business is web-based or you simply need more visibility online, this is one of the easiest ways you can start in your local Orlando online marketing campaign.

Another way to gain more presence online is to advertise through locally focused article marketing campaigns or in local Central Florida online magazines.  Typically, local online magazines such as Central Florida Magazine and Orlando Florida Magazine are focused on local Central Florida residents or Orlando tourists.  Online magazines offer comprehensive unique advertising packages that can quickly get you good page ranking on search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing.  This type of article marketing is very affordable and can be one of the most effective ways to get your name out there as these online magazines already attract traffic that is associated with your geographic area and product/service nitch.

Don’t wait!  Get started and take advantage of these online marketing campaigns today!  For more information on how to develop your unique online marketing campaing or on how to get started in advertising in a local online magazine, call Fabio Silva at (407)325-4030 today!

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Website Revision or Change

Our production department will verify your request and schedule the above changes and contact you if we have questions.

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Internet Advertising in Orlando & Getting on Page #1

Internet advertising in Orlando means getting on page #1 of major Internet Search Engines. This is what Bright Internet Marketing does in Orlando & Central Florida.  We can help you achieve many top page advertising and marketing listing for your products, goods and services. Bright Internet Marketing specializes in local market research, search engine optimization and achieving top page listings on the largest Internet search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, Ask and others.   [Read more...]

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Bright Websites for Business in Orlando, Tampa & Central Florida

At Bright Internet Marketing we welcome the opportunity of helping you design or redesign your business website in Orlando, Tampa or throughout Central Florida.  We understand that having just a flashy looking website won’t make you money.

We make online business happen and provide proven Internet marketing solutions. We begin with local research from your trade area in Central Florida to discover your online competition.  We will create a Web Marketing Plan to outline the steps necessary to achieve your goal. Then we can design your site from the ground up, according to your actual business needs.

Our award-winning website designs display professionalism and earn trust with website visitors. Our website navigation is Web 2.0 proven and tested. Literally thousands of hours of advanced engineering design and development has been completed and tested.  Behind the scenes our website visitor intelligence software will collect a wide variety of information about each of your visitors using our advanced website statistics, reporting systems and Google sitemaps and analytics.

Content Management Systems allow self-publishing and editing of you business web site using easy WYSIWYG text and page design. Your website may include proven MySQL, PHP, ASP, Flash or Java programming languages. These proven website development platforms are widely supported and provide feature rich self-publishing technology using Web 2.0 interactive design and development strategies. Our content management systems are engineered with internal page optimization systems to improve your online visibility using free organic Search Engine content listing for each page of your web site.  Our strict development guidelines comply with ‘best practices’ and W3C Development Web Standards and Guidelines.

When you combine our award winning website designs with our award winning hosting your website will take off to a whole new level. Our state of the art hosting facility uses advanced server technologies to host your website with proven technology that attracts attention and converts targeted visitors like never before. Our service guarantee is 99.999% uptime. Our servers were engineered to support our website designs, content management and search engine optimization.

To learn more about getting a Bright Website Design or website redesign call Gary Brown at  Bright Internet Marketing at 877-233-9052

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Logo Design


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Bright Internet Marketing News

Orlando Search Engine Listing – It’s All About Location

Setting up your website to rank high in Orlando search engine listings is all about location. [Read more...]

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Bright Internet Marketing Orlando and Central Florida

Bright Internet Marketing Orlando is a full-service Internet Advertising Marketing Agency that serves businesses in Orlando and Central Florida. We specialize in local Internet advertising and Internet marketing services.

We specialize in Internet marketing optimization for search engine placement and #1 page listings, SEO, Web 2.0 design services and Internet marketing strategy that uses local Google, Yahoo and Bing research to create many #1 page placements.  Many companies use our Internet marketing firm to assist their in-house graphic designers construct and build feature rich content management systems.  As an independent Internet marketing consultant we can consult and recommend solutions across a number of platforms and even help you construct ecommerce and shopping carts for Internet viral marketing and Internet Marketing SEO solutions in Orlando and throughout Central Florida.   To learn more call us toll-free at 877-233-9052. 

We’re guessing you’ve arrived here because you’re looking for ways to improve your companies Internet marketing and advertising investments, boost sales, increase profits, and put your website ‘on-top’ of your competition.  This is what we do, Internet marketing consulting is an affordable way to implement effective online marketing solutions without increasing your companies internal staff or IT costs. Imagine the business results of hiring a team of highly skilled Internet Marketing Experts that can focus on your business.

Please don’t make the mistake of thinking we’re a typical Internet marketing company because we’re not. We specialize in Information Marketing and Targeting to deliver qualified business results from your website or advertising and marketing investment.

Our Bright Internet Marketing Services:

#1 Organic Search Engine Listings
Advertising and Search Engine Marketing
Analytics and Reporting
Article Marketing & Press Distribution Services
Cost per click advertising
Cost per action advertising
CPA Campaigns
Digital Information Marketing
Email Marketing & Newsletters
Google Pay Per Click
Internet Marketing Services
Internet Marketing Optimization
Internet Marketing Strategy
Internet Marketing Consultant
Internet Marketing Firm
Internet Viral Marketing
Internet Marketing SEO
Internet Marketing Consulting
Internet marketing specialists
Lead Generation Programs
Link Building Campaigns
Local Internet Research
Local Search Engine Advertising
Local Website Channel Advertising
Mobile Marketing Programs
Online advertising
Online Positioning and Site Management
Organic Search Marketing Services
Pay For Performance
Shopping Cart Solutions
Website Design
Website Development
Website Testing
Webmaster maintenance

And all the behind the scene ‘geek stuff’ that need to be done to keep your website in a top #1 page position.

But what really sets us apart is our ability to develop and implement it all with equal virtuosity. While never forgetting what our job really is:  To make your business product or service so interesting and appealing those prospects will buy it.

 We’re Here to Make Online Business Happen

In 1999 we began developing Internet marketing solutions from start-ups companies and more than 10 years later have worked with some of the largest brands that dominate e-commerce and online shopping.

Our experience includes AOL, Time Warner, Cox Communications, Comcast, AT&T,, Turner Media and hundreds of companies positioning their brand on Google, Yahoo, Bing, YouTube, Facebook and many more.

We keep up with Internet Marketing and share industry trends and knowledge of the business with our valued clients.

Whether you work with us on a long-term Internet marketing strategy or a one time Internet Marketing optimization project, we’ll ensure your online marketing campaign is designed, written, optimized and marketed to the right audience the right media at the right time.

In short, you can count on us to develop Bright Internet Marketing services that make online business happen.

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Orlando Internet Advertising – Google Works!

Today Orlando Internet Advertising can reach active consumers that use Internet Search Engines more than old fashioned Yellow Pages.  Information is found quickly, locally and when consumers are reeady to buy. [Read more...]

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How Online Advertising in Orlando Works

Different companies undertake different forms of online advertising. The decision is largely based on what works, the budget allocation and the goals of the advertising campaign. One of the most popular online advertising methods is the cost-per-click advertising. The fact that the click-through rates of banners and button ads have plummeted have forced companies to employ Online Advertising Agencies that handle cost-per-click advertising. Generally, these online ads are displayed in the same way as other ads appearing on web sites. The difference is the way that clients pay for the advertising. While with banners pay is based on how many times the ad appears, with cost-per-click advertising, you pay only for actual clicks. This means that you also get more targeted customers as opposed to normal banners that simply display impressions. This form of advertising also allows companies to control their budget and gauge the response to their advertising campaigns.

Another relatively new form of online advertising in Orlando and Central Florida is Cost-Per-Action Advertising (CPA Advertising).  This form of advertising charge either by click, impression, sale or using other variables. While this is a very popular advertising method because it can be measured and controlled by the client.  It also allows the advertiser to ’pay by sale’ and allows for more targeted customer delivery while ensuring that no advertising money is paid unless a sale is made. Sales however are not the only ‘actions’ one can pay for in cost-per-action advertising. A cost-per-click based program can also be highly effective in offering registrations and subscriptions to a site and can also be used to seek new leads by use of an opt-in mailing list thus guaranteeing interested leads.

Cost-per-action or CPA online advertising can place your ads across a number of targeted websites to run your CPA ads and in a rotation until the set amount of actions have transpired. If, for example, you require 50 sales from an ad campaign for 1 month, the ad will be displayed until the 50 sale mark has been reached. This form of advertising can be effective when you want to test out your ads prior to starting a larger campaign. CPA campaigns let you see the actual conversation rate for your products and services and can give you a good picture of what to expect when a larger campaign is initiated. Internet advertising is ever-changing and online advertising agencies with new ways of online advertising continue to come up. Being updated on the different methods of online advertising will help to keep you competitive and successful in your advertising campaigns.

For more information about CPA Online Advertising in Orlando call Bright Internet Marketing Sales & Marketing Director Fabio Silva at (877) 233-9052.

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Orlando Website Design Makes Online Business Happen

Business competition in Orlando, Tampa and Central Florida is fierce today, and it’s even more difficult to climb on top of Internet search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN with a business website that is not search engine friendly.  Yellow Pages and Newspapers are not creating the ROI’s they once did, so many business owners are investing online to expand their business trade area and reach yesterday’s Yellow page shopper online.

To make business happen online you need more than just a flashy website design. An effective Orlando website design must be search engine friendly and be trusted to earn a top page position to attract traffic and make make money.

Getting advice about how to build a new website or redesign your Orlando website design is a good first step.  You will be surprised after you review the research; local search words and phrases that your prospects are typing into search engines to find products and services you sell. Having a Web Marketing Plan that identifies your online competition, local search words and phrases plus the critical design and engineering factors that must be managed are included with each of our Orlando website design proposals.

At Bright Internet Marketing – We welcome the opportunity of helping you and will be glad to provide you a free website analysis of your Orlando website design a ($249 consultation) at no charge.  Just complete this request for information and within 5 business days we will review your information and present our findings.

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