Avoiding Frequent Sunscreen Mistakes Is Important

October 20, 2010 by In The News  
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Sunscreen is a must for all your outdoor sojourns, in case you desire to stop the sun rays from damaging your skin cells. Regular use of sun lotion also wards off more serious skin conditions like skin cancer. Fortunately, most folks are aware of the many advantages of sun lotion and apply it often. Nevertheless, many of them are not very familiar with the best way to employ the product. So, in case you wish to employ sun lotion properly for maximum benefit, it’s imperative that you avoid the following mistakes.

One of the most popular sunscreen mistakes that you need to avoid is applying sunscreen once you’ve reached outdoors. In case you actually want your sunblock to provide you the desired protection, then it is significant that you utilize it at least thirty mins previous to stepping out in the sunshine. This ensures best assimilation of the sunscreen and gives you desired protection.

Don’t be a miser when it comes to applying sun lotion. Most folks make the common error of using their sun protection lotion sparsely thinking that they do not need too much of it. However, this is nothing but a myth. Sun lotion ought to be liberally applied all over the body to offer complete protection. But, this doesn’t suggest that you lather the lotion. Ideally, one oz of sun lotion is enough for ample coverage.

Applying sun lotion only on the face, arms and legs is another mistake which you must stay clear of. When applying sunscreen, you need to be certain that you’re applying it on every part of the body. Care for areas such as feet, behind the ears, neck and the like which are commonly ignored.

Not reapplying sun lotion after swimming or sweating is another mistake which you must steer clear of. Even in case you’re using a sunscreen that’s labeled as ‘waterproof’, it will come off when you are in the pool or when you sweat. And, even in case you are not sweating vigorously, it’s advised that you re-apply the sunscreen after every few hours.

It’s a common sight to see a lot of people employ sunscreen on sunny days alone. It is crucial to understand that the skin is vulnerable to unsafe UV radiation on cloudy days too. Sunscreen application is important irrespective of the season or the climate. Experts are of the perspective that even the monsoon season calls for you to use sunscreen.

A good quality sun lotion can provide enormous protection from skin harm that the UV rays of sun are capable of inflicting. However, it may render the preferred outcomes only if utilized in the proper fashion. Simply stay clear of the given mistakes and you’re all set to make the most out of sun lotion application.

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