Avoiding Twitter Marketing Mistakes that Can Harm Your Business

December 25, 2010 by In The News  
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There’s no mistaking Twitter’s huge rise and slice of the online traffic numbers. It’s a trusted destination for millions of people who go there just to socialize or do business. Online business owners of all varieties have wasted no time making their collective mark on the Twitter landscape. But the new marketer often makes simple mistakes that cause real problems. Today, we’ll delve into these mistakes so you won’t have to learn the hard way. We all think that affiliate marketing is hard. Well it is.. if you don’t know the right way to do it. But Anik Singal takes that hassle out of the way and you can see all the details in this Empire Formula blog.

First of all, don’t make the mistake of getting too personal with your followers. This is business, so they don’t need to hear very personal aspects of your life, and the possibility is strong that they don’t care to hear it. It’s a matter of time and priorities, they won’t read anything they have no interest in. After a while they won’t care at all about the brand of coffee your’re drinking, or some other personal point. So the thing to do is post good content that may help them in some way. Naturally, what you want to do is train them to be interested in anything you have to say. Keep in mind this is a marketing process, and in time people will reply to you and start visiting your site. Always, always avoid putting false or misleading information on your profile. You may want to try to brand your logo by having it on your profile, but also consider it may be a bit dull and boring, too. Some people don’t like profiles without a real pic, too. Also, even though you want to have accurate information – you might fare better with a pen name of some kind. When marketing on Twitter, you also have to avoid the mistake of not being aggressive enough. Don’t be concerned about sending too many messages. You cannot send out a single tweet in a day and expect to be noticed among all the other tweets out there. To be noticed on Twitter you have to send out lots of updates to your readers, keeping them informed and entertained. By sending out frequent tweets, you remind followers of your existence. If you want to create brand recognition, you have to keep people aware of you. Anik Singal wants to teach you the right method of online marketing and provide you with the skill set to finally make it online. Look at this Empire Formula webpage.

Something else that will alienate followers is if you seem like you are trying to hide something from them. Don’t try to conceal who you are from your followers. Have a profile and photo that tells people about you. Be honest with people. You can use your tweets to promote products, but also include helpful or general information so your readers see you as providing value.

If there’s one thing that you need to do to avoid the majority of the mistakes with Twitter, then it is to take it slow. If you rush and hurry, then you’ll be setting yourself up for mistakes. Patience and perseverence are the Twitter marketing battle cries.

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