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November 26, 2010 by In The News  
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Let’s face it, there are lots of scheming to make money online, and also boost their currently existing business, whether selling digital products as an affiliate, direct seller, or even making physical products including solar panel kits and gardening tools open to the general public. And 99% of times, the one setback, when all is said and done is getting cheap website traffic. Look, I know how to earn more online. I realize the idea, I know how to get a site up, I understand how to outsource, I know where to find products to promote and I understand how to sell my own products. But guess what? None of that will probably be worth a dime unless I can get or buy guaranteed web site traffic. If I cannot get genuinely cheap website traffic to my offer, there isn’t any hope for getting any business!

Could you imagine? You set up shop on Main st. with specialized tennis products, high quality everything and you’re ready to get some customers and start a booming business, when you realize “Hey, this Cul De Sac is not getting ANYONE coming down unless they’re turned around!” At this time, you could do a few things. Now pay attention, because this here “parable” of sorts will help to you decide whether you should go buy guaranteed web site traffic or even increased website traffic.

We talked about the utter disappointment you would have if you got your business ready to go then discovered we’re not even near the dead center of your ghost town. Sure, there was no competition–but there’s a reason for that. No one visits the ghost town! You’re not going to get targeted traffic! Now, there are a couple steps you can take: you can pay to list yourself in the phonebook so people know of your existence, that way when they look for “tennis products” in the phone book, they know you exist. But then again, this would cost money.

You could always put up a shiny new billboard up assisting the road, telling people of your awesome tennis products, send out television advertisements, where ever you look! Yes you can find targeted traffic! But you’d be spending money for it. Now, your other option is this: Pick up your shop and relocate to Times Square!! No need for advertisements, because your shop is an advertisement to itself!! Get a nice logo and a catchy slogan, you’ve got instant visitors!! Even browsers are going to stop by! On top of that, you didn’t pay a dime to obtain targeted traffic.

Now, I want to inquire about you something but I already know the reply to the question, with maybe the exception of some people out there. Do you’ve always wondered what now you ask ,?

Alright, my question to you is, if you could get guaranteed web visitors, meaning you wouldn’t have to buy guaranteed web site traffic or even buy targeted web traffic, not even increased website traffic, yet still get a large number of visitors every single month with hardly any effort, and simply no cost to you, would you? Should you be told of a technique, a hidden skill to be able to get to the top of page one in Google without charge, would you follow through with it?

How valuable would it be for you to get guaranteed web traffic? Would it be worth a little extra time and effort to apply and get free results? I think I hear a resounding “Yes!”

But we live in a microwave society. We would like it accomplished for us in the laziest way possible, you want to do the very least for getting stuff done. That’s unfortunate. What happened to good ol’ fashioned work ethics? And we can hardly call an internet business “work.” Additionally, but our laziness is costing us money! It’s great to be paid for being lazy– but since when did we find it appealing to pay for being lazy?

All you must know is get rid of the opportunity to buy guaranteed web site traffic, and instead just discover ways to generate free free targeted website traffic! And it’s not hard. How much do you spend should you go buy targeted web traffic? Those people who are seriously interested in it would pay hundreds and thousands each week to get traffic to their site–and it is usually hit or miss! There seems to be plenty of experimentation included in buying targeted website traffic.

Not to mention, those sites that say you can “buy guaranteed web site traffic” are a total fluke! They pay the surfers to browse your web site for a quick handful of cents. The folks surfing your web site aren’t enthusiastic about your product! They want to gain money, and that’s why they are surfing. When you have any respect for yourself and your business, don’t go down that path. So really, if you would like free guaranteed and free targeted website traffic being driven to your site each day in the myriads, you just need a proven technique or system which has worked for a lot of others to follow step by step in a fool-proof manner plus you’ve got it made!!

And think, just how much would it be worth to you should you knew you would be saving hundreds and maybe thousands of dollars every week and month, getting free targeted web visitors? That’s invaluable! I might pay hundreds to get into this type of knowledge, knowing it would pay itself off in all the savings I would make ultimately. So seriously, if you’re thinking of going down the route of “buy guaranteed web visitors,” please, I beg of you… reconsider.

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