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November 11, 2008 by Gary Brown  
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Bright Internet Marketing Orlando is a full-service Internet Advertising Agency that serves businesses in Central Florida. We make online business happen.  We specialize in Internet advertising and marketing, website design,  internet  research, local Google search engine advertising, seach engine optimization SEO that creates  page #1 listings,  content management systems, ecommerce, shopping carts and more  for online marketing and advertising in  Tampa, Orlando and throughout Central Florida. To learn more call us toll-free at 800-406-1792.  

We’re guessing you’ve arrived here because you’re looking for ways to improve your companies Internet marketing and advertising investments, boost sales, increase profits, and put your website ‘on-top’ of your competition.  This is what we do by working with you to create and implement the most effective and profitable Internet advertising and marketing solutions for your business.

Bright Internet Marketing is a full-service Internet Advertising and Marketing Agency that serves businesses in Orlando, Tampa and Central Florida. We make online business happen.  We specialize in digital Internet advertising and marketing  by targeting online web shoppers that use search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN to learn about products, services and get consumer recommendations.  Our marketing and advertising includes page #1 listings, search engine optimization, SEO, website design and content management for web marketing and search traffic domination.

Please don’t make the mistake of thinking we’re a typical Internet marketing company because we’re not. We specialize in Information Marketing and Targeting to deliver qualified business results  from your website or advertising and marketing investment.

Our Services Include:
Local Internet Research
Website Design, Development and Testing
Digital Media Information Marketing
Local Search Engine Advertising -  Local Google Pay Per Click
E-commerce Shopping Cart Solutions
Organic Search Marketing Services
Email Newsletter Marketing
Article Marketing
Pay For Preformance - Lead Generation
Mobile Marketing Programs
Email Marketing Solutions
Online Positioning and Management
Advertising and Search Marketing Analytics and Reporting
Webmaster maintenance and link building
And all the behind the scene stuff that need to be done to make your website successful.

But what really sets us apart is our ability to develop and implement it all with equal virtuosity.  While never forgetting what our job really is:  To make your business product or service so interesting and appealing that prospects will buy it.

We’re Here to Help You Increase Your Sales.

In 1999 we began developing Internet marketing solutions from start-ups and have worked with some of the big brands that dominate e-commerce online today. 

Our experience includes AOL, Time Warner, Cox Communications, AT&T, Group W,  Turner Media,  the US Postal Service and others.

We keep up with the latest online marketing innovations and developments to share our knowledge with our valued clients. 

Whether you work with us on a long-term Internet marketing campaign or a one time project, we’ll ensure your marketing campaign is designed, written, optimized and marketed to the right people through the right media at the right time.

In short, you can count on us to develop and implement a Bright Internet Marketing campaign that works to increase your company’s sales and profits.

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