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November 9, 2010 by In The News  
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The Nielsen Three Screen Report shows that concerns to the highest degree the internet pour down off tv are way off the mark, and in fact the internet is ontogenesis tv audiences. “The initial fear was that Internet and mobile TV and entertainment would slowly cannibalize traditional TV viewing, but the firmly trend of summationd TV viewership aboard expanded simultaneous usage argues something quite different,” said Matt O’Grady, Nielsen media product leader.

The report covers Q4 of 2009, which tracked viewing across TV, the Internet and mobile phones, found a 35% rise in the sum of money of time Americans used the TV and Internet simultaneously compared with the same quarter in 2008.

The report found that Americans now watch about 35 hours of TV per week and two hours of time-shifted TV via video recorders (DVR), with 25 to 34-year-olds devising more use of time-shifting than any other age group. This follows on from a report from Ipsos showing Canadians surf the net more than watch tv.

Although viewers of internet tv are constantly growing, the brag Operating Officer of Comcast does not see any threat from online tv at this time. Steve Burke was speaking in an interview at the All Things Digital conference and was bullish about the time to come of the tv landscape.

He said:- “The fact of the matter is, and it’s a little counter-intuitive … that quarter by quarter, year by year, the number of people subscribing to what we call multi-channel video, whether it’s satellite, phone service, or cable, has always gone up. It’s never gone down.” He continued:- “there is very little grounds that people are giving up their subscription television.”

He concedes that video consumption will grow and new methods of delivery such as the iPad, Smartphones and Google TV will grow, he does not expect that those services will overtake the traditional pay TV services hold outed by Comcast and other cable providers. Instead, he said those services will remain complementary to what pay TV providers offer.

In essence he is saying that whilst premium channels cannot be accessed online, the cable and satellite companies will always run the show. And he is right, for now

In fact, a life sentence of live internet tv costs about half of what you would pay for just one month of similar service from your current cable or satellite provider. Why pay over $100 a month for cable? For a one time price of just $49.95, you can have 24/7 access to thousands of channels- with no hidden fees, ever.

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