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Mortgage refinance The area surrounding Polliwog Park in Manhattan Beach is known as Manhattan Heights/Liberty Village in local real estate parlance. Single family home values here have done well over the course of the past decade. Back in 2000, the median sales price was $525 K and had been steadily increasing through last year when it was just under $900 K.

Juegos   The number of sales here, as has been the case in the vast majority of sub-areas in the South Bay, has dropped by half from the peak here in 2000. What is interesting in Manhattan Heights and Liberty Village is that the number of sales jumped 50 percent from 2008 to last year while the median sales price slid by about six percent. The challenge will be to maintain this sales momentum through the balance of this year with an increase in pricing.

FSBO Recent sales activity provides a good indication if this is, indeed, happening. It turns out that three homes have already closed escrow this month and there are an additional five homes in escrow.

Private community homes have become extremely popular over the last decade or so, as more than 8 million people in the US alone have opted to come and stay in these places. While many of them stay here permanently, there are those who come to stay just for the weekend. There are some people who make a purchase just for the investment value, so that they can sell later at a profit.

These private gated communities offer a lot of greenery and the peace that you will find with nature. You will find manicured parks, lawns, jogging tracks and golf courses. As a member, you will also get your entry permit to pools and tennis courts as also to fine eateries. The activities offered include horseback riding, boating, swimming, tennis and more. As a member, you can get involved in as many of them as you like. Of course, there is always the option to do nothing as you laze in the sun, amidst the greenery and the peaceful ambiance.

And, added to all this, are the top quality accommodation options for you. The options for you include cute and cozy homes to villas, and even condominiums – everything is fitted with every luxury needed for a modern lifestyle.

A few years ago in 2006, there were four newly built homes sold. There is a new home on the market as of this writing and only six total single family homes currently listed. This relatively low inventory may very well put an upward pressure on pricing, which may in turn trigger new development. It will be a fun market to watch in 2010. You can be published without charge. You can to republish this article in your website or blog. Please provide links Active.

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