Diabetes In Children – Resolving Dietary Concerns

November 29, 2010 by In The News  
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Gone are the times when diabetes was proscribed to just adults. These days, kids too have diabetes. In fact, there are many children across the US alone who are suffering from diabetes. Though there are several factors which make a contribution to diabetes in children, it is their diet that counts the most. So, if you want your youngster to deal with diabetes, it is important that you take care of what he eats.

Cutting down on the quantity of sugar and sweet things is the 1st and the most clear thing to do to control diabetes. Youngsters are keen on sweet things and like to chew on chocolates, cakes, pastries and other sweet things. Such sweet things are a no-no for diabetic children. However if your child wants to chew on something sweet, you could consider giving him puddings like frozen yogurts or fruit salads. They are low on sugar and will help keep blood sugar in control.

Do not be under the impression that only such sweet things can aggravate the condition of diabetes in your child. Food items which are salty in nature like pastas, hotdogs, burgers, pizzas are likewise damaging for diabetic children. This is as such food items have a high share of straightforward carbohydrates. These carbs are easily digestible and so can elevate the blood sugar levels to a major extent. It is for this you have got to keep such food items away from easy access of your diabetic kid.

Packaged foods are also a strict no-no for diabetic youngsters. Chips, cookies, nachos, wafers and the like should be kept away from diabetic kids. These foods contain high quantity of starch and trans fats. Both starch and trans fats are known to escalate blood sugar levels even further. This will make your diabetes even worse.

Make sure that you usually serve your child home cooked food. These foods are extraordinarily healthy in nature and alongside go a long way in keeping a tab on the blood sugar levels. It is suggested to extend the intake of whole grains in the dietary pattern. This is as they contain complex carbohydrates which take time to digest and therefore helps normalize the sugar levels of the blood. In this context it is ideal to go in for whole grain pasta or multi grain sandwiches.

Another must have in your youngster’s meal is a variety of plants. You’re able to add many veggies to the pasta to make it more wholesome. You can also consider consider making a plant sandwich for your diabetic child. All you need to do is make the food interesting for your child and you will see him / her relishing vegetables as well.

It’s a standard thing in each household that children are not very keen to eat the home made food. But you can always make the food more appealing to the kid in the way you present it. As an example if your child is not very fond of plant sandwich it advised to make the food more fascinating for him/her by making a smiley on it. Another effective measure is to include variety in food. A sandwich can be prepared in variety of ways. Some good options are cheese and mustard sandwiches, tomato and lettuce sandwiches, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and lots more.

While they’d realize it at some point, so long as they’re youngsters, you have to take care about their diet.

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