Do You Find Yourself Surrounded By Silly Affiliate Marketing Myths?

November 6, 2010 by In The News  
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Affiliate marketing has become the most wanted career/business for online entrepreneurs. But you also need to be aware of some of the myths that surround affiliate marketing so that you know where you’re going. For example if you’re selling a product in the Mass Cash Coverup niche then you should try to explain the benefits rather than going for the features.

Many people believe the myth about there being just one form of affiliate marketing. If you want to make it to the top of the affiliate food chain then you have to promote in different formats. To reach the heights of affiliate marketing you will need to learn pay per click, pay per lead, pay per sale, and whatever else will allow you to take advantage of any given opportunity. Of course, each of these have their own set of rules. The devil is in the details, if you have a large content site and get paid by the number of ads that are shown on your site then you main goal is to get the visitor to view as many pages as possible but if you are doing a pay per lead campaign the you should focus on getting visitors to fill out a form. Your success with any particular affiliate program will all boil down to your passion or your determination to succeed. Also, keep in mind that it is natural to be more confident and comfortable with one traffic source than you may be with the rest. Some business models and traffic sources will allow you to grow your income faster and larger than others so keep that in mind. Pay per sale is a good model to begin with; they are easy to join and will give you the chance to hone your skills. It’s all about getting good at the fundamentals; do this and you will be ahead of 98 % of your competitors. Once you build a solid foundation in the basics, everything else will fall into place. Remember, to use tracking software so you can know what to optimize and what to scale up. Many people confuse affiliate marketing for advertising. Affiliate marketing is the ultimate form of leverage for a product owner who wants more revenue for less investment. Your advertising dollars can diminish very quickly because you are paying each time someone clicks on an ad or sometimes for space that doesn’t convert viewers into buyers. But when you have affiliates marketing your product, you only pay when they get you a sale/lead/click. This is the extreme safety net and form of leverage in the online marketing world. So running an affiliate program is a cost effective way to get your product in front of a large audience, without any upfront costs. For instance, let’s say you’re selling an ebook about List Building Automation then you should first tell about it before going into the advantages of buying it.

Banners are a thing of the past, so do all of your visitors a favor and leave them there. This myth is prevalent among new affiliates because they don’t know any better. You are not running a casino; you are trying to run a converting website. Keep the shining banners off of your site because you will lose more visitors, instead focus on content that has the purpose of informing the reader about how your site can solve their problem.

It’s not as difficult to succeed at affiliate marketing as you may have thought; the key is to dispel any myths and dedicate your time to ideas that work.

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