Gaming Walkthrough Guides – Do They Ruin Your Fun

December 3, 2010 by In The News  
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I often wonder about the wisdom of using walkthrough guides; not because I think that this is a form of cheating but because it takes a lot of the fun out of the game. Surely you don’t get the same satisfaction from completing a game if you only did so because you followed instructions. Where is the sense of pride in that? These games really are expensive but once we get them we seem hell bent on getting them finished as soon as possible and don’t realise that the actual playing of the game is what gives us the real pleasure.


Half of the pleasure with gaming is when we manage to get past a particularly tricky part of the game – it is even more pleasurable if this is something that has taken us days to figure out. However all you have to do with a walkthrough guide is to follow instructions so you never have any excuse for being stuck in any level. And in that case, maybe you would be better off just buying the guide and never even buying the game because the guide would tell you exactly what to do and what the game was about. Or maybe a game which could play itself while you sit and watch would be something that many people would like.


I am well aware of how tempting it can be to check out a guide if we are stuck in a game – we can get really frustrated and feel like packing in the game altogether. What harm could come from having a little look at a guide? But every time you get stuck you will just keep going back to the guide again and again. On the other hand if we stick at trying to figure things out for ourselves we can really feel good when we eventually move onto the next level.


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