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“There are different computer games all over the Internet. From war games to multiplayer games and many other brands of online entertainment are available. Some of these are even available for free. Some games can have people playing with each other even if they are on the opposite sides of the world. But computer game maker these days are already getting aware of the effects of their products. Because of this, they try to develop applications that are entertaining and educational as well, especially to kids.

Here are some child friendly software that you can introduce to your family:

CAD for Kids

This is one genius software that can help develop your child’s mental development. Aside from encouraging your kids to pursue learning while having fun, they can also have fun doing it. CAD for kids develops those young minds both analytically and artistically.

Word Games

Word games are some of the most famous learning games available today. There are over thousands of word games available on the Internet. Some are free, some have to be purchased and others offer a free trial version. Arranging the letters in order to form a word or more is what word games are all about.

Question and Answer

This is also a very common educational game these days. They are the same as famous question-and-answer game shows we see on TV such as “”Who Wants to be a Millionaire”". Most of the questions are based on relevant facts which is what makes this game great.

Number Games

Children who enjoy their math will surely love this game. Of course, they involve basic mathematical operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division for the children.

Colors and Shapes

This is great for kid�s aged 3-8 years. Coloring different objects, animals and people are the main goal of this kind of game. Aside from coloring, there is also a game which lets the child compare or match similar shapes and objects and color them after identification.

Memory Games

From the name alone, this game is perfect for enhancing your child’s memory by having her remember objects or animals.

The games mentioned are the six games that are child friendly. Learning should not be a boring and intimidating activity for children. Play these games together as a family and let them be an opportunity for bonding with everyone.

It is inevitable for children to be interested in computers. You can veer them away from those violent computer games and have them focus on those that will enrich their knowledge and skills instead if you buy them computer software that can be fun and educational.”

If you’re particularly interested in 3d CAD computer for kids, you can get your child one, but make sure your computer has the right specifications for him to maximize the use of the program. Online, you can order CAD workstation and then have a computer technician upgrade your PC specs accordingly.

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