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Most persons grew up having to take a vitamin pill of some kind because even the most sattvic, fresh-picked fruits and vegetables begin to lose the effectiveness of their vitamins as soon as they are harvested.  Not acquiring the right nutrients and vitamins in food for our bodies can bring the start of an illness.

Vitamin C for instance has been long known to prevent the malady scurvy.  It is much healthier to get your vitamins from your food but if this is not a possibility, from a whole food vitamin supplement rather than a synthetic vitamin.  Whole foods supplements have all the components that a vitamin complex requires to improve and maintain the health of the body.  Synthetic vitamins oftentimes do not have the attendant extra components to make the vitamin function effectively.  A whole food vitaminc C complex may have 4 or 5 components in it.  A synthetic “vitamin C” tablet may just have citric acid in it.  The body needs more than just citric acid to gain benefit.

Iron is a trace metal that comes from quality foods.  Eating a nail will give you iron, but not in a form your body can use.  Iron is an oxidating metal, so too much is not good for you either.  Iron in the blood cells combines with the oxygen in the air we breath in our lungs.  This is why we need the right form of iron in our food. If there is not the right quantity of iron in our food, we must supplement it with a well designed vitamin-mineral additive.

Vitamin D is required for healthy body systems.  Our skin creates vitamin D when it is exposed to the sun.  It takes the oils in the skin 2 or 3 days to shuttle vitamin D formed in the skin by the sun into the interior of the body.  Vitamin D is now becoming recognized as an significant material of a healthy immune system.  B vitamins are also an essential components of a healthy diet, but again, vitamins begin to deteriorate as soon as food is picked.

Most food we get today in our food stores has no vital energy in it either.  A vegetable or fruit is not just a conglomeration of plant tissue.  There is a living energy in it.  This energy can be seen if you train your self to look for it.  This energy  begins to break up the moment a fruit or vegetable is picked.  In the past when people grew their own food or acquired it the day it was picked from a farm, the meal was always assured to contain the vital energy you body seeks.  If it is possible purchase often and from a farmer’s market.  Better yet if you have the facilities, grow your food yourself.  I had my first orgainic garden in the early 1970′s.  It was some of the best food I ever consumedate.

If you cannot obtain food that comes from good quality soil, or from a seller that you know has picked within the last 24 hours, be sure to supplement your diet with a whole food vitamin and mineral supplement like Wela Slim Berry with Acai.   

These statements have not been evaluated by the US FDA.  This informationis intended for knowledge only and is not intended to diagnose or prescribe anything.  Before beginning a new supplement or diet, please consult your health care practitioner.

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