How Do You Know That You’re Dreaming?

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If a person knows that he or she is in a dream while in a state of dreaming, this is what we call lucid dreaming. Learning how to do lucid dreaming intentionally is a personal growth tool. It may help you resolve personal problems because you’re able to consciously take an active role in your dreams. It can also be a lot of fun!

In order for one to achieve lucid dreaming consistently, one must practice this regularly, but here are some tips to help you get started.

As you go to sleep, use the suggestion: “As I am dreaming tonight, I will realize I am dreaming” (use your own words).

It’s important to do this as you are drifting off to sleep, but you can do it throughout the day as well. You actually face the potential not just of achieving lucid dreaming, but also of remembering your previous night’s dreams. Your attitude should be one of positive expectation, but gentle inviting rather than insisting or applying any type of pressure or anxiety.

You will then want to remember the past night’s dreams the moment you awake. By getting the mind used to remembering your dreams, you are creating a more deliberate connection of awareness between the conscious and unconscious mind. In fact, it’s possible that you may already be having lucid dreams, but you aren’t remembering them!

Before you actually wake up, you would enter a state right between sleep and waking – try to remain in this state as long as possible. This would be a way for you to re-enter your dream state and make it a more lucid dreaming experience, so do this by lying still and closing your eyes at this point before waking up so you can get back into your dream with this added sense of awareness and a knowledge of what was going on previously.

It is common for us to wake up the moment we are on to the fact that the world we are in is our dream world, and not the waking world we know. We are inviting our conscious minds in this case to do the work and make the decisions while in a subconscious stage, and this often causes the body to follow suit and wake up.

This can be overcome with practice, but there is a technique that can help. You may simply want to plan your lucid dreams before you head off to bed. This would reduce the reliance on your conscious mind, thus causing you to stay longer in your dream state.

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