How Smoking Affects your Health

February 15, 2011 by In The News  
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Out of the smoking-related illnesses, lung cancer or COPD/emphysema is the main cause of death among people who are smoking. The truth is, it is not. This smoking-related disease is one of the major causes of death among smokers, but heart disease that tops on the list.

Heart disease is the main cause of death in the United States nowadays as statistics and study showed. This is also the leading killer disease to those who smoke. Studies shows that there are about 1.7 million premature deaths from heart problem among people who smoke in the year 2000, worldwide; whereas there are only about 850,000 lung cancer deaths during the same year.

Tobacco smoking plays a role in a number of diseases that eventually lead to disability or death. The cigarette holds around 4,000 of chemical compounds, 200 of this compound are toxic, and around 60 are identified to be cancer cause compounds. These elements are the main cause of deadly diseases. These are the effects of the following substance:

- Smoking can cause seizure, addiction, nicotine withdrawal syndrome and being stress about the danger of smoke. This bring unpleasant smell to hair and dirty.

- Smokers are also susceptible to cataracts and macular degeneration. It can makes the eyes burns, watery and blink more frequent. This may not be noticeable but smoking also affects the sense of smell.

- As for the skin, smoking can cause premature aging and can bring or develop more wrinkles. If a person smokes, it could be noticed through his voice due to ever present sore throat. Effects of smoking on the mouth and throat also include cancers of the lips, mouth, throat and larynx, cancer of the esophagus, and reduced sense of taste.

- In addition to that, stained teeth are the other effects of smoking to people. Discoloration and plaque develops faster from smoking tobacco. People who smoke are also vulnerable to teeth loss and gum disease.

- A smoking results to tar stained fingers for those who are addicted to tobacco. One also develops what they call “cold fingers” or poor circulation.

- One of the most affected parts of the body is the respiratory system. Tobacco usually cause lung cancer, COPD, difficulty to breath, colds and flu, pneumonia, asthma and also TB.

- But then it is heart diseases due to smoking that cause deaths among smokers. Smoking harms, blocks and weakens arteries of the heart leading to a sneaky heart attack.

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