How To Extend The Life Of Your Laptop Battery

The one annoying thing about a owning a Laptop is that it usually doesn’t take long before the battery begins to show signs of age. It is a good idea to try to extend a laptop’s life for as long as possible as they can work out very expensive to replace. Here is just a few ways that you can extend the life of your battery.


- It is important that you don’t leave your battery charged for a long time when you are not using it. It needs to be regularly exercised just the same way humans do. Use the battery at least once a week.


- Try and avoid using the CD-Rom when using battery power as this is very draining. Try to load from an external hard drive instead if you can. You should also try to avoid watching a DVD when you are using the battery for the same reason.


- Try to limit the number of applications that you have open at the same time when you are using the battery. The life of your battery will shorten because of these applications as they can drain the power.


- If you want the battery on your laptop to be using less power when you are not using it then you should use the hibernate function instead of standby.


- Make sure you regularly carry out a defrag on the computer. If your computer can find the data quicker and easier it will save more energy.


- Limit the amount of USB devices you are using as these also tend to drain the battery.


- If your computer is in a hot environment it will need to work harder. So obviously it would be better if you use the laptop in a cool room.


- When on battery mode make sure to dim the screen because this will save you on power as well.


The above are just a few examples of how you can try to extend the life of your laptop battery.


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