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October 30, 2010 by In The News  
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In order to see real results from your marketing efforts, you need to be ready to put in tangible time and effort–there are no quick fixes for earning money online. Of course, any experienced Internet Marketer knows just how to use his own target audience to spread the word about just how awesome his products and services are. In this article we will be looking at 3 ways that you can use viral marketing to your advantage.
It is vital that your viral marketing campaign not be boring. Honesty and interesting content are the way to go. This means that you need to concentrate on making a campaign that is good but doesn’t assert false claims. You need to balance these factors. If your goal is to give out something that is useful and helpful and you create something that meets those standards, people won’t need any nudging to pass your content along to their friends or family members. It is all about understanding human psychology and making sure that the needs of your target audience get met in the best way possible. Viral marketing is a lot like its name: your goal is to give something to as many people as possible so that those people can give your something to even more people, and so on. The thing is a viral marketing campaign needs to have that distinct factor that makes the people go wow, so that they show interest in it. Do not put in a half hearted effort when you create your giveaway product just because you won’t be charging for it; in the long run you will see better returns from the free item if it gets your full efforts.
Don’t forget to make your viral marketing campaign incredibly easy to pass along. It shouldn’t be difficult and the user shouldn’t have to go through a number of tips to actually get to spread the word.
The more steps they need to take, the less likely your prospects are to participate in your campaign. Simple and free are the goal. Don’t make restrictions like membership requirements, required registrations or other hurdles that could stop your campaign in your tracks. Your aim should be to keep the whole campaign as agile as possible.
All in all, if you want your viral marketing efforts to pay off, then you should understand the value of taking action. Remember that with viral marketing you don’t have to work on it for a long time, but a onetime dedicated effort can yield great long term results.

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