Is Bring the Fresh Worth Your Cash?

January 8, 2011 by In The News  
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There are a lot of internet marketing ‘know it alls’ out there. Why would ever trust something like Bring the Fresh then? What do these guys provide over all others? What do these guys know that others won’t tell you? Who says these guys can give me info others can’t? Well, all we can say is that Bring the Fresh comes highly recommended. These are the same guys who did The Rich Jerk series. Everything they put out is great so we decided to give their next offer a try. Keep reading and see exactly what we thought about this answer to internet marketing success.

One of the major tenets of the Bring the Fresh membership program is training in product creation. There are plenty of ways to earn money online but Bring the Fresh does not seem to have an affiliate program. This seems to be true because a large portion of this membership program is centered on teaching members all about creating and selling their own products for profit. If there are two people who know how to make a product for themselves it will be these two. One look into these guys’ history will reveal years filled with product creation and high profits. Mike Long and Kelly Felix aren’t the type to let robots go out and garner them an email list, as that’s so impersonal. They also say that they’ve never relied on anyone to write their articles. That’s always comforting because the quality is almost always better. It can also cause you to have to wait until the writer not only creates the article, but uploads it to the member’s site, and that’s the definition of frustration. You could have to wait a long time for new content to be uploaded to the membership site. If you are looking for a service that provides hundreds of projects per day, then you may want to look for another program. If, on the other hand, you like the idea of having everything made by hand, you will enjoy this membership quite a bit.

Some people learn well through text.

Some people like to be taught via videos. Mike and Kelly have a lot of videos that you can watch to help you learn the things they want to teach you. The videos can be rather long. There’s loads of footage that those with short attention spans need to separate if they hope to get it all. The guys try to make the videos entertaining though, so at least you shouldn’t be bored as you sit through hour after hour of example and instruction. There is tons of work that goes into internet marketing. Not only do you need to keep a business running but you also need to keep up on industry trends and stay relevant in your field. This is a system that is good for people who want to enhance their businesses. If you want to earn more online income, this system will help you do that.

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