Is Quick Fat Loss Dieting A Sustainable Lifestyle?

December 20, 2010 by In The News  
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Any individual who embarks on a weight loss program wants to lose weight fast, as fast as possible but they also want to be sure they don’t regain that weight. Excess pounds rarely appear in a week or a month but most often over a period of months or years. Losing that weight may not take years but long term losses are rarely as quick as the person on the program might want. Realistic goals for losing weight are more likely to produce the results the person wants for the long term than goals which they simply can attain.


Sticking to an eating program, exercise regimen, or weight loss system is rarely easy for anyone and setting unrealistic goals for loss is one way to ensure a person is probably not going to succeed. It is much better to lose a little more weight than planned because the goals are realistic than to fail to meet goals because they are impossible. Failure breeds failure and success will help breed success and this is particularly true when it applies to weight loss goals.


In order to accommodate that extra weight a person’s skin has been hard at work stretching out to cover those extra inches. To rapid a loss of pounds and inches can leave the skin still trying to cover fat that no longer exists. A slower and more reasonable rate of loss can give the body time to adapt to the new shape and leave the skin looking as good as the person’s body does.


Most people want to tackle a problem like weight loss fast, they want to solve it and get on with their living however too fast can lead to more problems. Once the dieter can fit back into the bikinis or those small swim trunks they want their skin to be right there looking as good as their body now does. What this means is that though wait loss need not be incredibly slow it should be reasonably paced, too fast is not likely to last, too slow and the person may give up due to lack of results.


It has long been accepted that starvation is not a good choice for losing pounds since a starving body just saves up every single calorie put into it and uses only what it absolutely has to. Starvation programs just don’t seem to work well in taking weight off, and they are rarely good for long term maintenance. A steady pace gives the body and the mind time to accept the new habits, the new shape and the new way of life while too rapid a loss may not last.


There are a lot of reasons why someone puts on extra weight over time. Sometimes it is poor eating habits, a change in jobs and hence activity levels and sometimes it is due to stress. A program, diet, or exercise regimen might take care of the weight and some of them may work fast if they work too fast the underlying problems may remain. If a person became obese due to lack of activity, a diet could work but unless they also change their activity versus food intake, the loss may not be permanent. Losing weight is the goal and keeping it off is the most desirable solution which may take a little more work to achieve.


You should remember to do your research before beginning a sudden slim-down plan. Understanding is necessary for succeeding. Start by entering lose weight quick into Because understanding the subject before you dive in is essential, don’t believe just a single source. One other great place to start is a local school or university, where you can ask the helpful staff that you would like books on how to lose weight quick.


Then you will begin to see about the risks and benefits of various rapid weight loss weight loss plans, and how to remain safe and healthy. Don’t forget: be mindful that any time you may be looking at fast weight loss diets.

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