Learning to halt a panic attack

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A Panic attack for most people is an experience that is both frightening and draining.   Stopping panic attack symptoms are unfortunately, a somewhat difficult thing to do.  The main physical reason that someone starts down this cycle has more to do, physically, with chemistry than emotions.  This fight or flight response once started, usually just needs time to complete its cycle.

Fortunately it is not impossible to stop a panic attack, it just takes some work. Stopping panic attack symptoms involve some willpower on the part of the panic sufferer, and overtime any chronic sufferer will learn this important lesson. Time and willpower, that is the key to stopping panic attack symptoms.

Mentality in dealing with Anxiety Disorder is Key

When the attack starts you should recognize it as such and try to stay calm. It may sound like an odd statement, but increased instability during an attack can just heighten the effect of the attack. The most important thing for the patient to focus on is that most of this is in their head and not a reality that the sky is falling. Once the reason for panicking disappears, so to will the body’s reason for maintaining the panic response. Therefore, ending attacks before the escalate into one is more a matter of mental conditioning and some physical changes.

When the onslaught of a pending attack develops the patient should be instructed to find a place to sit or lie down and begin to focus on their last/most successful session of dealing with it. Breathing techniques usually learned through cognitive behavioral therapy, can be a huge help to any victim of panic attacks. You should try to calm your body by relaxed, deep breathing.

It’s Alright to Get Help

Do not exclude the possibility of outside help. While most people will claim the importance of independently controlling your panics, it doesn’t mean it is a bad thing to seek help during a panic. Sometimes just talking to someone you trust, a spouse, therapists, etc, can be all that is needed to stopping panic attack symptoms. Most attacks are caused by unwanted stressors, usually an event or problem that the victim has been concerned with.

Now in some cases especially when dealing with extreme panic attacks, medication may be needed. Medicines like Xanax are specifically made for reacting quickly to a panic attack, usually being able to halt an attack mid-panic. However, such medications must be prescribed, and the side effects can sometimes be drastic in some people.

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