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Men can style their short hair in a number of ways . They can give their hair any form depending on their mood with a styling gel. However, it is always advisable to go for a hair style that will compliment your facial structure.So you should always consult a hairstylist for the most satisfying style in order to look smart and elegant. 

Three things you must know about mens short hair styles

1. quash flat tops: Do not go for a short cut just because you want to leave it flat. Flat tops certainly don’t look good on short hair. However, you can try military or a buzz cut.

2. Keep the sideburns simple: Short hair styles are supposed to give men a clean cut look. So do not ruin it with thick and long sideburns . Keep them short and simple. Sideburns that go down to the extent of your ear lobe are fine.

3. Pay extra attention to your face and neck: Your face gets noticed more with short hair. So keep your face clean and clear.  Get rid of the neck hair as it will only look messy with a short hair style and ruin the whole look  Top five mens short hair styles

Mo and Margaret Nabbach, the co-owners of M&M Hair Academy, London, are expert hairdressers and have won many hairdressing awards. They have come up with the five trendiest mens short hair styles for this year:

1. Buzz Cut: This cut requires keeping the hair as short as conceivable. It is also absolutely crucial to cut an even length all over your head. Use the scissors to cut hair as tight as possible to the skull and then use a razor to give the finish touches. Men with retreating hairlines find this cut most suitable as this cut hides hair loss.  Also, people who do not have much time to look after their hair will find this cut most suitable.

2. Textured fronts: This style features a front that’s swept forward and styled for a derisive feel. To get this style, your stylist will have to bring the hair from your temples and crown towards your forehead without falling into your eyes. Make sure to keep sides and backs shorter.

3. mussy Top: This is a great style for men who pretend to have a short cut while keeping some of their length. This style can be pulled off successfully if you have a full head with medium-to-thick hair. To get the most stunning looks with this style, you need to keep your hair layered, with the base layer being the shortest and the volume on the top and sides a bit thicker.

4. Crew Cut: This is one of the most preferred hair styles for men, and it gives a manly appeal. It also highlights your cheekbones and jaw line. This hairstyle suits best on people who have oval face shapes. However, you should stay away from this cut if you have unusual head shapes, large ears, and unusual facial structures.

5. Spike Cut: This hair cut can add a lot of style and attitude to your look. Using a little bit of hair gel, you can get the spikes and the attention of the people around you.

Shorter hair will gain you great comments from all you meet..

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