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The Mlm business is one which is dominated by the world of “attraction” marketing where one is supposed to brand themselves as a leader. I understand this, and I believe it is an excellent approach to not just get yourself out there, but also to have success. But..

With the hype of attraction marketing ruling the network marketing industry, you have to question why a great many claim to be an “expert”.

How much value are you really giving those people who look to line up themselves with you? Are you truly giving those people an honest representation of who you are and what you know? In the long run, those individuals are going to discover if you are the real deal or not and everything you do has your name attached to it.

I don’t blame individuals for this for the most part because it is nearly exactly what they are taught to do. Go out, put yourself out there and speak about how you must brand yourself as a leader to other people. Then they go out and they do the same thing and it turns into one huge chain. But how much value is that truly? How is that giving an individual the skills it takes to really succeed?

People are pressured to make a choice between who comes across better on camera versus what person really knows some things that may truly aid an individual out in growing their business. Let’s take article marketing for example since it’s usually the first place a person would go to get traffic when they are first getting started.

Do you simply tell individuals to go out and submit articles or do you explain how, why and where? Have you had success with this method yourself, Can you Prove IT?

Why should the title be longer, where must the keyword be in the title, why should it be in the first paragraph, what must the first paragraph say, what links you ought to have in your resource box, why should you word it like this or that. They are just the fundamental pieces of article marketing, but if you don’t know them and you aren’t teaching your prospects these tips, you are not providing them the advantage that a “leader” should.

Simply those things listed above can create a Huge difference in how a person’s article campaign functions.

The good news is, all these things could be learned and in a fairly short period of time with some hard work. So if your objective is to build a residual income from those who you sponsor, doesn’t it do you more good to actually learn and be able to actually teach what it is you’ve had success with?

If you really don’t know these things, then get some courses and learn it, dive in and study it, test it, track it, put in the effort simply because it will be well worth it for you and your business in the long run!

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