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Mortgage refinance We are now in an economy where all the energies and efforts of the organization have to be focused on selling, sales and sales training. You are in serious trouble if you don’t like the ‘S’ word. Marketing, advertising, organizing, planning will not get you through this business cycle; selling products and services is the critical make break point of every organization in today’s economy!

Literally nothing else matters except selling. The sales efforts must dominate the energy and resources of every company at this time from the very top of the organization down to the part time employees with complete focus and dedication on moving the company’s products and services into the marketplace. If this is not done the company will cease to exist!

Juegos   Ideas for gathering information before the cold call

• Go to the prospect’s company website. Read their mission statement, learn about their goals and objectives, ascertain their financial situation, and look for areas where they could benefit from your product or service.

property management   8) Each call you make brings you closer to a sale.

Every call you make, even if you get a negative response, is worth something-the law of averages brings you that much closer to a sale. Figure out how much each call is worth by calculating roughly how many calls you have to make in order to get a sale and then divide the dollar amount of the sale by the number of calls.

If it takes ten calls to get a lead and ten leads to get a sale, it then takes a hundred calls to get a sale. If each sale is worth $1000 to you, then each call is worth $10 even if the person says no. If you can see that “no” as a stepping-stone to a sale, it will take on a much different aspect than seeing it as rejection.

9) Each call brings you closer to your goals and dreams.

This is related to the above point. Think of the things that really inspire you-perhaps time with family and friends, or material things such as cars, boats, planes, real estate-and realize that each call gets you closer to enjoying them.

10) View cold calling as a character- and strength-builder.

View yourself as someone strong and capable of doing what most salespeople won’t. View cold calling as a game. Again, it’s not life or death; it is simply a game you are partaking in. How many calls can you make? Can you beat what you did yesterday? Can you get one more lead, one more yes, before you knock off for the day?

11) The more cold calling you do, the easier it will become.

Do the thing you fear enough, and the death of fear is certain. Just like anything else, after a while you’ll get used to it You can be published without charge. You can to republish this article in your website or blog. Please provide links Active.

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