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Many women will find that they develop cysts on their ovaries during their lifetime..  Once the doctor has determined that you have cysts they may talk to you about the traditional treatment options that are available, usually involving pain medication, the Birth Control Pill and even surgery. But there are ovarian cyst natural remedies that can also be used to relieve your pain and even reduce the size of your cyst.

Herbs: When it comes to a ovarian cyst natural remedies, herbal treatments are certainly worth considering.  

There is a school of thought that ovarian cysts are caused by a hormonal imbalance. To address this the herbalists use specific plants to bring the body back into balance, treat the cyst and help to prevent further cysts occuring by helping the body eliminate toxins..

Even though it would be great if ovarian cyst natural remedies were an instant natural cure for ovarian cyst, they don’t work quite that fast.  In fact most herbalists recommend that you keep taking your prescribed herbs for at least 3 weeks, with 6 weeks being the optimum length of time.

These herbs are the most recommended for naturally treating your ovarian cysts: Red Clover, Milk Thistle, Chasteberry, Dandelion, Black Cohosh

It is always best to seek advice from with a naturopath or herbalist to clarify the best herbal remedies for you, as well as how to take them.  You should also advise you GP of any ovarian cyst natural remedies that you may be taking as this may affect any other treatment that you may be receiving.

Bach Flowers – Bach Flower Remedies are another example of natural remedies: Honeysuckle, Walnut, Red Chestnut, Impatiens, Wild Oats

Castor Oil – As strange as it may seem, castor oil is actually a reallt effective treatment option for your cysts.. It works as an ovarian cyst natural cure by literally dissolving the cyst. If you have been unfortunate enough to have a ruptured cyst you can use a Castor oil pack to relieve the pain and repair the damage.  

Castor oil is used externally on the skin above the cyst. The oil will absorb into the skin and treat your cyst this way.  As well as being an ovarian cyst natural treatment, Castor oil can also be used for relieving liver problems, constipation, gallstones and headaches. It can help with the elimination of toxins, improve circulation and your digestive system. The only time that Castor oil is not recommended as an ovarian cyst natural cure is when you are pregnant, having your period or if your cyst is malignant..  

Diet – There is a theory that your diet may help to dictate not only whether you develop cysts, but whether your cysts become malignant or not.  It is thought that the threat increases with the consumption of foods that are high in carbohydrates or estrogen..  This is because when you eat a diet high in carbohydrates and gain weight, the fat cells tend to store estrogen.  Also, a high carbohydrate diet can wreak havoc with your insulin levels.  Excess estrogen and insulin are two hormones which are associated with ovarian cyst problems.  
While not technically a natural cure for ovarian cysts, many think that significantly reducing or even stopping foods high in these elements can be very helpful if you have ovarian cysts.  A vegetarian diet is also recommended by some to help with ovarian cyst problems.  

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