Pack your 12 Man Tent the Easy Way!

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Packing  your 12 man Tent  

When you get back from your holiday or overnighter it is critical that you clean and air your 12 man tent.  Make sure you have completely dried it before you put it away.  If you do not you will find next time you use it it will be covered in mildew which has grown in the damp conditions in your bag.  This will destroy your tent and ruin the cloth which in turn will weaken the tent and make it unusable.

How To Pack  Your  Tent

Don’t you just  hate trying to repack your tent ?  I know I did .  You get a great new 12 man tent, take it from the bag – then try to put it back.  Can you?  No, no way on earth will it go back into that tiny bag.   Don’t try to fold it, stuff sacks are for stuffing not folding.  So here is what you have to do.  You put in the poles first followed by the fly sheet where needed, then you “stuff” the main part of the tent into the bag!  After all when outside you will likely want to pack it quickly and not be too upset about how it goes into the bag anyway.  You will need the main part of the tent first when putting it up so it is best if it goes into the bag in reverse order so that if comes out in the right order for using.  Also if you fold you tent the  continuous creasing in the same areas will end up in weakness and tears.

Sunlight and UV Rays

Sunlight can  damage your tent.  It will weaken the material and discolour it.  Some people use a protective cover to protect it,  however this may not be so easy with a large  12 man tent.  Always keep your tent clean of any contaminants and wipe away as soon as you can .   This will  increase the life of your 12 man tent allowing you to have more fun from it for a longer time and in turn making it a better bargain.

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