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A recent survey has reported that many patients  turn to the Internet after being diagnosed by a doctor or physician to learn more information.  In 2009, a Harris Interactive survey reported that seventy-eight percent of U.S. adults went online and used Internet Search for health information.

Today patients want to learn more and they turn to the Internet and use search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing to locate health related news and information.

About 50% of the survey respondents reported they used a major Internet search engine to find and read more information about a specific medical condition.  The survey reported another 20%  linked to health or medical related content to read more information, and others used Internet search engines to refine information and continue reading  about treatments and prescription drugs.  Only 35% of the survey respondents trusted their doctor totally without consulting the Internet or turning to an online source for additional information.


Medical professionals and physicians should  aware of this hunger for medical and health related information and invest in content that provides patient information.  Most doctors and medical professionals don’t provide patient information or health related educational information on their web sites.  Many choose to link to third-party websites or provide no information.  This is like letting your patients walk out the door and venture into unknown medical blogs and web sites that do not provide the educational resources you would like to provide your patients.

Doctors chould build up trusted web content on their own web sites.  Make your site the ”authority site’ that others will want to link to for information.  Many doctors should view this as patient education and marketing. It is your practice and online reputation.

 More than 4 out of 10 Internet web users reported in a recent survey that pharmaceutical advertising made them more aware of medical treatments and options and educated them about medical and health related symptoms and conditions.  Seventeen (17%) reported the Internet information helped them speak more knowledgeably with their medical doctor or physician.

The survey went on to report that twenty-eight Internet users were interested in learning more about specific medical conditions and the effects from various medications.

At Bright Internet Marketing we are experienced building medical websites for doctors, hospitals and healthcare  professional’s market information online. We are a specialized Internet marketing agency that can deliver the best online Internet Search Engine placements. At Bright Internet Marketing – this is what we do.  We specialize in delivering top Internet search engine listings on major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing and across our content distribution network of 2,500 plus sites. We provide complete marketing services using Internet search engine that can identify and target new patients. Our research and content management optimization systems allow us to effectively market information about your practice or business effectively online.

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Internet Advertising in Orlando & Getting on Page #1

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Internet advertising in Orlando means getting on page #1 of major Internet Search Engines. This is what Bright Internet Marketing does in Orlando & Central Florida.  We can help you achieve many top page advertising and marketing listing for your products, goods and services. Bright Internet Marketing specializes in local market research, search engine optimization and achieving top page listings on the largest Internet search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, Ask and others.   Read more

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Bright Internet Marketing Orlando and Central Florida

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Bright Internet Marketing Orlando is a full-service Internet Advertising Marketing Agency that serves businesses in Orlando and Central Florida. We specialize in local Internet advertising and Internet marketing services.

We specialize in Internet marketing optimization for search engine placement and #1 page listings, SEO, Web 2.0 design services and Internet marketing strategy that uses local Google, Yahoo and Bing research to create many #1 page placements.  Many companies use our Internet marketing firm to assist their in-house graphic designers construct and build feature rich content management systems.  As an independent Internet marketing consultant we can consult and recommend solutions across a number of platforms and even help you construct ecommerce and shopping carts for Internet viral marketing and Internet Marketing SEO solutions in Orlando and throughout Central Florida.   To learn more call us toll-free at 877-233-9052. 

We’re guessing you’ve arrived here because you’re looking for ways to improve your companies Internet marketing and advertising investments, boost sales, increase profits, and put your website ‘on-top’ of your competition.  This is what we do, Internet marketing consulting is an affordable way to implement effective online marketing solutions without increasing your companies internal staff or IT costs. Imagine the business results of hiring a team of highly skilled Internet Marketing Experts that can focus on your business.

Please don’t make the mistake of thinking we’re a typical Internet marketing company because we’re not. We specialize in Information Marketing and Targeting to deliver qualified business results from your website or advertising and marketing investment.

Our Bright Internet Marketing Services:

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And all the behind the scene ‘geek stuff’ that need to be done to keep your website in a top #1 page position.

But what really sets us apart is our ability to develop and implement it all with equal virtuosity. While never forgetting what our job really is:  To make your business product or service so interesting and appealing those prospects will buy it.

 We’re Here to Make Online Business Happen

In 1999 we began developing Internet marketing solutions from start-ups companies and more than 10 years later have worked with some of the largest brands that dominate e-commerce and online shopping.

Our experience includes AOL, Time Warner, Cox Communications, Comcast, AT&T,, Turner Media and hundreds of companies positioning their brand on Google, Yahoo, Bing, YouTube, Facebook and many more.

We keep up with Internet Marketing and share industry trends and knowledge of the business with our valued clients.

Whether you work with us on a long-term Internet marketing strategy or a one time Internet Marketing optimization project, we’ll ensure your online marketing campaign is designed, written, optimized and marketed to the right audience the right media at the right time.

In short, you can count on us to develop Bright Internet Marketing services that make online business happen.

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