The Consequences of Getting Sick

Probably one of the worst and biggest enemies of the people nowadays is the presence of diseases. Though getting sick means that the people are actually human, this is not totally something that everybody should be proud of. Being sick means staying in bed, doing nothing for a few days and drinking loads and loads of medicine. And if you stay too long at home, you are definitely going to miss out on school and work.

Diseases such as pneumonia, tuberculosis and lung cancer can be caused by poor nutrition and air pollution. Smoking is probably one of the most common cause of these lung diseases. People are very much aware of the negative effects of smoking and they have been given good alternatives such as instead electronic cigarettes. But some tend to skip these items and go for the real stuff which is why they quickly develop these kinds of diseases.

There are those people who do not actually considering being diseases as a serious matter. Others would just wave it off because they know that they can depend on medications to help them. But what if these many treatments don’t work?

Let’s say you are ill with tuberculosis. If you have TB, you have so many medications to take. Just imagine if these do not work, what would be the next move? After medications, you will be admitted to the hospital for more aggressive treatment like IV medications, a dozen injections and round the clock monitoring. This is not the kind of life that you would want to live.

Your heath is the first and foremost aspect that will be compromised when you get sick. Next aspect that will greatly take a hit is your finances. There are a number of medications that are easily afforded by the people. But if you were in a severe or chronic stage, there may be some medications that can be very expensive. So if you want to be ill, you really have to think twice before doing so.

Getting sick is not something to be happy about. There are so many aspects in your life that will be affected if you let yourself get sick. There are so many alternatives for smoking like instead e-cigarettes and so many others that will prevent you from becoming sick. Using alternatives is not such a bad idea. Don’t be afraid to take a risk because taking them would mean something good for you and your health.

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