The Latest Money Saving Group Well being Insurance Strategies for California Employers

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1.  Well being Financial savings Accounts (HSA)
It is a technique where the employer buys a well being plan with a big deductible.  Sometimes, these are 
groups which might be coming from a plan with a really low deductible.  For the reason that 
higher deductible plans are usually much less money, the cash saved is used to place into the 
employee’s “Well being Savings Account.”  The money in this account is used by the employee to pay 
qualified medical expenses.  If it is not used, the money rolls over to the subsequent year.  The money belongs to the worker, even when they leave the company.
2.  Health Reimbursement Preparations (HRA)
This is very similar to the HSA above but a portion of the certified medical bills not covered by the insurance is “pledged” by the employer, that is, the employer solely spends the money, if there is a portion of the invoice not paid by the 
insurance.  This might be extra favorable to the employer since on an HSA the cash goes to the employee, 
whether or not there are claims or not.  The issue with HRAs is that there are only a few carriers that supply them proper now.
3.  Medical Reimbursement Accounts
This is very similar to HRAs above and very flexible.  It is otherwise often known 
as partial self-funding.  Employer buys a bigger deductible and if the worker makes use of up that deductible, the employer pays all or 
a portion of it, relying on how a pre-arranged agreement is written.  This goes for other expenses not paid by the insurance.  The concept is that the employer self insures the sometimes smaller expenses with their own cash, (presumably, the savings in premium dollars from going to a better deductible.)  The downside to that is that many carriers prohibit the use of this 
technique with their plans.  It can be very effective but be sure you use an experienced third 
party administrator as there could also be some authorized and tax documentation required.  In any other case 
generally known as Section 105.
4. Kaiser.
Increasingly more groups are transferring to Kaiser.  It’s usually, profit for 
profit, much less money than simply about each different plan.  Kaiser is spending billions on the future and 
their high quality control is promising.
5.  Offering Blue Cross and Kaiser side by side.  Blue Cross has a new program the place solely 5 staff need 
to enroll with Blue Cross.  The remaining can be with Kaiser.  It is a ground breaking 
alternative in flexibility.
6.  Blue Cross Elect.  Blue Cross has a portfolio referred to as Elect with 16 plans in it comprised of HMOs, PPOs, and an EPO plan.  Every of these 
plans is priced from low premiums up to a a lot larger premium.  
The fantastic thing about this program is that Blue Cross permits the employer to “define” how a lot premium they are 
willing to pay towards an employee’s cost.  For instance, Blue Cross provides a $10, 
$20, $25, $30, $35, and a $forty copay PPO plan.  The $10 plan is the most expensive of this group. 
After viewing all of the premiums for the various plans, the employer can establish, arbitrarily, which plan they are 
keen to pay, say the employee solely premium for.  On this case, let’s say 
it is the $25 copay plan.  The worker can purchase the $25 copay plan and it would not price them 
anything.  Nonetheless, if they need the dearer $10 copay plan, the employer would payroll deduct the difference in 
premium costs.
As an instance they’ve dependents they wish to cover however the employer 
solely desires to pay for the employee only.  The worker might take the lesser costly $forty copay plan, and use somewhat bit of the savings to assist them with the prices of adding 
their dependents.  
This has been a extremely successful program as a result of it gives the employees a 
better number of decisions, helping the employees be more definitive of their 
costs and desires, and on the similar time, allows the employer to extra effectively outline their 

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