The Navel Orange Makes a Great Addition to an Edible Delight

November 13, 2010 by In The News  
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When you’re having a party or want to send just the right gift, add a navel orange to your edible delight. It doesn’t matter where you are sending or delivering the basket; there is plenty of room even in Texas for a navel orange as part of an edible delight or a regular fruit basket. In fact, you can design your edible delight to go along with the various holidays and celebrations you are likely to encounter within the state. The usually mild weather than encompasses most of Texas allows for a longer season for the navel orange; the only months you cannot find local navel oranges is June, July, August and December.

When you create an edible delight you can choose the fruit you wish to use. The good part about a navel orange is its size. A navel orange ranges in size from large to extra large which makes it perfect for creating a nice size edible delight. Since you can easily remove both the peel and the sections it is easy to create just the right design with each navel orange. You can choose to use only the navel orange sections, the entire orange or include the orange peel in a variety of ways.

By adding navel orange to your edible delight you can create a different, enjoyable flavor. Navel oranges are very juicy and seedless as well so they are very easy to work with. Dipping orange sections in chocolate or using navel orange sections as a finishing touch to your edible delight are two ways to use navel oranges. Buying an edible arrangement will limit your choices, so next time opt to make your own, unique edible delight. 

How about taking your edible delight and making it the color of the Texas flag? Take any holiday and create an arrangement that will create just the right atmosphere whether it’s a wedding, graduation, holiday or even time of year. For instance, with fall upon us you might think about using colors that are in tune with the season. While you may not think of Texas of celebrating fall, the colors are still beautiful and appropriate for both Halloween and the Thanksgiving holiday.


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