The Rise and Fall of “Saturday Night Live” on Satellite TV

December 7, 2010 by In The News  
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If there’s ever been a show that hoi polloi love to point out on, it’s definitely the sketch funniness extravaganza on NBC, “Saturday Night Live.” How one show has managed to launch so many incredible comedians, John Belushi and Bill Murray among them, is sincerely yours a testament to how good it has been. But for every young jaunty star who started out on “SNL,” it seems that there are a number of epic misses, whose comedic timing is less than stellar and whose spin-off movie projects are not even bad decent to be Isaac Mayer Wise good again.

However, in the public of changing tastes and HD live TV sets, there’s definitely still a place for “Saturday Night Live.” After all, things once started to go downhill in the 1990s after the departure of Will Ferrell, but after that slump, things picked back up again with Tina Fey heading back in 2004 to play Sarah Palin during the heated election times. In fact, the savvy political scuttlebutt that “SNL” brought to artificial satellite TV during that time was good enough that the show even had a special segment airing during primetime on Thursdays, one of the best slots available on NBC. 

This recent cast of “Saturday Night Live” is definitely not one wherever you can now point out the best and brightest comedians of the time to come. In fact, it seems a bit like dead weight, which might be one of the reasons that ratings are down and people seem to have opted to turn their satellite TV sets to different channels – or go out on Saturday instead. While it is definitely fun to see somebody who used to be on Nickelodeon’s “All That” make it into a grown-up career, there’s something seriously lacking from the cast – or perhaps this current crew of writers, now that Tina Fey has moved on to work on “30 Rock” instead. 

However, you can’t just dismiss “Saturday Night Live” as it is a huge fundament of America’s popular cultivation report. Whether it’s catching the re-runs over on Comedy Central and seeing incredible moments from the past, or catching a surprisingly good succession during this somewhat dry run, there’s always going to be space for “SNL” on satellite online TV, and in the hearts of many Americans.

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