Three rules to make your city Cleaner

May 25, 2011 by In The News  
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A good city houses law-abiding citizens who patronize their hometown’s rules and guidelines that the higher heads have put up. This will not only create a safer place for the citizens to live in, but it is also a way to attract more tourists and corporation to expand their business. These will also add a little more success and popularity to your good city.

To be able to achieve this kind of environment, citizens need to follow their simple rules and regulations. Below are some of the common and probably the easiest rules to follow in a state or city.

The No Smoking Rule: These days, many cities and states are implementing the ‘No Smoking’ rule. Back then, people can smoke wherever they want to. But because of this rule, certain establishments cannot cater to smokers although there are some smoking areas assigned. With this rule, the citizens will have a lesser chance of getting choked up in the strong smoke up the cigarettes. Even if you were to smoke your prado e-cigarette, you would still have to use it where smoking is allowed.

The No Littering Rule: One cannot possibly live in a place with so many garbage on the ground and a smell that can choke the life out of you. There’s people stumbling and tripping on empty cola cans and lids, junk food wrappers flying around and air that is so smelly. Nobody would want to live in a place this and no tourist would want to take their photos in any of these places. In order to prevent such happenings, littering is not allowed in any place. There are so many garbage bins located in almost every street or corner and even in the office. This way, people will be disciplined well and know how to properly dispose their garbage.

Avoid using Plastic Materials: It may have a long title but it’s actually quite easy to understand. We all know that the ozone’s getting thinner and thinner and our planet is getting worse. One of the major contributing factors to the decline of the planet is the use of plastic products. Other people just don’t get it when you say not to use; burn and throw plastic.

With a hometown with no dirt and trash littered in your hometown or city, everybody will be safe and healthy. Smoking your prado electronic cigarette in the right place and throwing and segregating your trash properly is so easy that one shouldn’t have any problems in doing so.

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