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Previously, when searching for an elite London escort, the obvious choice would be to search through the small ads. With the widespread use of the internet the choices now are infinite. There are classified sites, escort directories, escort agencies, escort introduction services, escort review sites and more. However, with such a large amount of choice -how do you know if the woman advertised is real or not. It is this level of trust between woman and customer which has been gradually worn away by con-artists and charlatans who seem to be able to post faked courtesan details easily to these dubious establishments. In order to tell the difference between a genuine advertisement and a fake one we must be able to tell the differences between escort agencies and directories and the way in which they operate.

An escort directory is a massive collection of escort profiles from many escort agencies and independent escorts. The Directory works in such a way that they normally offer both freeadvertising and paid premium ads. The unpaid advertising is for populating the site with as many ads as possible. The paid premium advertising is, of course, to bring the directory owner money. As the site fills up with profiles the directory then reserves the whole front page or sometimes even more for paid advertising. They usually charge hefty prices for this, meaning that usually only the ’big players’ can afford to advertise. 

From an escort agency’s viewpoint there are good and bad points to directory advertising. On the plus side there is the option for free adverts and, more importantly, a link from the directory pointing to the escorts webpage. The downside is that, unless you have a large advertising account your free profile will become buried deep within the escort directory. 

From the customer point of view an escort directory is a one-stop-shop to find multiple profiles from a single site however due to the way the website is laid out, most customers will only ever get to see the premium profiles so, in fact, the real choice is fairly limited. There is also the problem with trust. As most online dircetories only ever deal with their advertisers through email or, at most over the telephone they unwittingly allow many of fake profiles onto their sites with no form of quality control.

An escort agency’s success, by contrast, is measured by honesty and quality. They tend to promote only the best escorts (around 30-50) through their sites and as they are employed of the agency and therefore the ‘face’ of the agency itself, stringent checks are put in place to make sure that each escort is indeed genuine and a good reflection on the agency’s reputation. As with everything, the client,has a choice. As long ashe is aware of the choices he is making and is making all the checks necessary then whichever option is chosen would be right for him.

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