Which Zombie Games Are The Best

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Zombies are always a fun addition to any video games. Some of the best villains in any game are zombies, for many reasons. Zombies in games make the urban legends about the undead come to life. Zombies are fictional characters but the concept of the dead coming to life is so odd to most people that it’s scary.

You’re missing out on a lot of things by not playing the following games:

“Resident Evil” – This is unique because of the mystery behind the game, as well as the multitudes of tasks one must do before he finally wins. Besides the compelling story, the fight scenes are exquisitely programmed. Everyone who plays Resident Evil will feel like he really is a part of a genre that will never die (pardon the pun). This game and the sequels have reaped many awards from critics and players alike. The zombie genre boosted to number one with this game.

Dead Rising – There are three elements in this game, the zombies, a mall and you. If he can remain alive for three days, he will win. It’s not much of a plot but the game is still exciting because of the many weapons that one must unlock or get inside the shopping center. After the player has gotten hold of the weapons, killing off zombies becomes easier.

House of the Dead – This is a first person shooter game that anyone can enjoy in an arcade. The There are console versions so it’s easier to play this in the home with a Sega Saturn console. The availability of the mobile version makes this game more popular. Eerie scenes are created because of the first person perspective. Zombies are the target, which means the player must leave the living alone.

“CarnEvil” – You only need to say “CarnEvil” out loud to find out the main plot in this game. Carnevil sounds like carnival, get it? In the game, an amusement park sprouts from the earth and zombies are the main attraction.

Plants vs. Zombies- Even kids can play this game as the zombies are not scary at all. In fact, some people become attached to the zombies in this game and even create fan items with the images of these zombies on them. Some zombies wear head protectors made of plastic or metal to better survive the plant attacks.

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