why is raw food diet different from regular diet

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What is a Raw food enzyme? There are different categories of enzymes available . Fresh foods have food enzyme in them . Take a banana for example. They have enzymes in them that help the banana insolvent itself down.

When you eat a banana, these enzymes help it digest itself inside your body . There are also metabolic enzymes which are produced in the body. Metabolic enzymes are used for every single process that you can possibly imagine. From talking to blink to moving a muscle to running to intending to processing every single food that you eat; enzymes are needed for those actions. 

Digestive enzymes are enzymes that are produced in the pancreas of the human body . They are released into the digestive tract to help your body to digest the foods that you eat.

So, you can see why there is a big benefit to feeding more raw foods. A Raw food diet will bring more enzymes into your body. They do not exhaust your body of enzymes like cooked foods. In the first lesson, we talked about foods becoming dead when they are cooked above 118°F.

Cooked food no longer has enzymes. They have become denatured and they no longer work. So when you eat cooked foods it makes digestion a lot more laborious for your body. 

Your body has a limited number of enzymes . There is research that shows a correlation between how long you live and the number of enzymes in your body. And very simply, when you run out of enzymes you run out of life.

Think of your enzyme capabilities as a bank account . There will be no enzymes if the food is cooked for all the time, then for digestion of food, the enzymes that are already present in our body has to work for it . You are demanding that the body secrete a lot of its enzymes into the digestive tract to break down these foods in order for you to benefit form them.

On the flip side, if you are eating a lot of raw foods that are rich in food enzymes, your pancreas will not have to secrete as many enzymes because the raw food can aid in its own digestion.

That makes a huge difference. When you eat Raw foods, your body can emphasis more of its energy away from digestion and divert those enzymes toward metabolic processes such as break away down immune complexes, breaking down dead cells, and regenerating new skin. All of the things that the body needs to spend more time doing can be done simply by adding more raw foods into your diet because of the food enzymes coming in with those foods. The most important point is to bring more and more number of enzymes from the outside food and to store it in the safe present in our body .

It is to you to eat cooked food or raw food . But one thing I would informal is that you take a digestive enzyme with that food. You can find digestive enzymes at any wellness food store. Supplemental digestive enzymes supply your digestive tract with the enzymes that it needs to break down and assimilate foods into your body.

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