Why Practice Yoga?

November 30, 2010 by In The News  
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The world has realized the importance of yoga and knows what all it can do. But, still there are some folks who have not managed to look at the advantages of this physical and mental care. Are you hunting for reasons to start practicing this form of exercise? If yes then get set to understand about the various physical as well as psychological benefits offered by yoga.

One of the most prominent benefits of yoga is that it increases your flexibility. Many yoga poses involve stretching your body. This increases the range of muscle movement and adds to your adaptability. Besides inflating the flexibility of your overall body, yoga also makes particular body parts like legs, back, shoulders, hips etc more flexible.

As well as advantage of suppleness, yoga also offers an overall strength to the body. It increases the body’s capacity to support itself. A regular practice of assorted yoga asanas buttress many body parts. This in turn renders strength to the whole body. Yoga also proves satisfactory in toning of muscles. As the yoga practice progresses, it helps you to develop lean muscles. Development of lean muscles in turn helps in shedding weight.

Yoga kills pain and that is it’s another benefit. Since yoga is all about toning and regularizing the muscles, it helps relieve pain greatly. For people that suffer from back difficulty, yoga is a great tool to obtain some relief.

Most of us breathe in a wrong demeanour. Though this is something that we all do at all times, most of us aren’t aware about the correct way to respire. Shallow breathing that many people do is not the right way to breathe. It does not let the oxygen reach the lungs. Yoga comprises of various deep breathing exercises that teach you the best way to respire. This again is beneficial for your general health.

Yoga also has a massive quantity of psychological benefits apart from the physical ones. It puts your mind at ease and is a complete stress buster. For folk who lose temper very easily, yoga is a boon in disguise. It helps you focus on your inner self and your physical self and therefore brings about quietness in you.

Yoga acts as a shield against the strain that plagues your mind. It is one of the outstanding blessings of yoga. The best way to bid adieu to everyday stress is constant practice of meditation. It assists in relaxing the mind and hence relieves you of any stress. A regular practice of yoga helps to stop stress from occurring in the first place.

To top it all, yoga offers the benefit of improved concentration. For many people, concentrating on one precise thing is a difficult task. If that’s the case with you too, then yoga offers the ultimate and lasting solution. Yoga enables you to target the core and movements of your body. If practiced for long it greatly improves your awareness levels and so reinforces your concentration.

With so many benefits, you actually know why you should practice yoga.

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